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# Music Man Axis

This is the main axe. The beautiful neck on this guitar sold me on it, although it's almost like holding a baseball bat. Drop-D Tuner, DiMarzio PAF Pro neck pickup (coil-tapped), DiMarzio Air Zone bridge pickup

# Gibson USA 50's Tribute Les Paul

With 50's-style wiring plus coil taps and a set of Suhr Thornbucker pickups, this guitar is what I'm reaching for more often than not right now!

# Fender 60th Anniversary Telecaster

With a set of Fralin Blues Special split blade pickups and a really sweet neck, this one scratches the Tele itch perfectly.

# Yamaha RGX-312 - "The Baby"

This thing used to be a real piece of garbage. But after 6 months of sanding and refinishing, all new electronics, and a little neck straightening, it's a pretty nice axe now. I made the terrible choice of using super jumbo frets when I had the neck refretted, and I don't think the neck is going to take another refret very well. So, I play this one pretty rarely, but when I do -- it SCREAMS!

# Yamaha 12-string

This guitar has an absolutely beautiful tone. It's got a Koa top and a rosewood fretboard. The action is so low that it feels like you're only playing a 6-string. But, the tone is just ridiculous.